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CPR Supplies

If you are interested in buying CPR or First Aid supplies, we sell the following items:

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Item Name & Picture Description Price Payment Method
Pocket Mask (R5014)
This item can be used to assist with mouth-to-mouth and provides minimal exposure to the person performing rescue breaths. We highly recommend the purchase of this product to anyone certified in CPR or First Aid. $19.95 Each
Pocket Mask Combo (L820011)
This item contains a pocket mask as well as gloves and wipes to provide additional protection to the person performing mouth-to-mouth (rescue breaths). $24.95 Each
Basic First Aid Kit (686007)
This 104 piece First Aid Kit comes in a durable plastic case that is advantageous for anyone needing a mobile first aid kit. It contains most of the products necessary to perform First Aid as outlined in our courses. $49.95 Each
First Aid Station (686014)
This 196 piece First Aid Station is ideal for any facility that has the potential for accidents to occur. It contains most of the products you need to do first aid as outlined in our courses. $99.95 Each

* If you would like to order multiple items, please call us for special pricing!

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