The Importance of Personal Safety when Providing CPR and First Aid

Personal Safety

You should take the following steps to ensure personal safety:

  • Do not enter an environment which may be unsafe or has the potential to become unsafe.
  • You should never take unreasonable chances and risk your own life to try and help someone else.

If you become a victim as well, you will not be able to help anyone. Take a moment to think about the danger you may be exposing yourself to, and question whether or not it is safe to do without proper training.

Dangerous Water

Dangerous Water

Road Hazard

Road Hazard

Construction Danger

Construction Danger

Think about how the patient might have been put in an unsafe position and what the result was

  • BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Always be cognizant of potential hazards and situations where danger is likely.

Take a look the following pictures and attempt to identify what elements may present a danger. Remember, if you are not properly trained and equipped to deal with a situation, do not expose yourself to risk by entering the scene! Call 9-1-1 immediately!


Think about the following questions regarding personal safety:

  • A person is floating in a canal with rushing water. Would you jump in to help without proper water rescue training?
  • A person has been shot or stabbed and the assailant has not been found. By going to help the patient, are you risking your own safety by getting too close?
  • A person has been hit by a car on a busy street. Are you going to run across busy lanes of traffic and help the patient on the street if there is no formal traffic control?
  • Your friend has been bitten by his dog while play-fighting with his children. The dog appears very agitated and aggressive. Are you going to attempt to restrain the dog?

All of the previous examples are every-day situations that people may encounter. It is imperative to look at the entire picture and make absolutely certain that you can be safe while providing care. If you become a victim, no one is being helped.

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