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Here are some reasons why we believe online training is better than in-person training:

1. Doing CPR on a manikin is really no different than doing CPR on a couch or bed mattress. Manikins are made of plastic and latex type materials, and do not accurately represent real human beings.
2. In-Person Instructors might be tired or not in a "teaching" mood that day, thus they may lack in instructional quality that day.
3. Online Training is done with videos demonstrations on real people. That way, students can see what CPR looks like being done an actual person, giving them the accuracy of human movement, anatomy, etc.
4. Online Training is more convenient for scheduling for large groups. People are busy and it is hard to find a time where people can all take a class at once.
5. Online Training is more cost-effective. Online training is less expensive than in-person training.
6. Online Training is more convenient for the student. Classes can be taken anytime (2 in the morning in your PJ's).
7. Online Training is consistent and of high quality.
8. In-Person instruction may vary from time to time. Not all instructors will be great teachers.
9. Online Training is the new standard.
10. Over 500,000 people have been certified in CPR or First Aid entirely online.
11. Online CPR training has been used to meet the requirements for physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, dentists, childcare facilities and instructors, etc.
12. With online training, students can go at their own pace, and re-read information if needed, re-play videos, etc.
13. ANYONE can become certified to teach CPR. You do not have to be in the medical field. You don't even have to have your GED. In-Person instructors may have limited knowledge and may not have done CPR before themselves. They may not have experience. May not be able to answer your questions.
14. REAL paramedics designed this program.
15. Individuals with hearing impairments can use our program.
16. People with physical disabilities who are not able to take a class in person can still use our online program to be certified.
17. People spread diseases by sharing dummies. Even when the dummies are cleaned with alcohol wipes, not all germs are killed. You can get oral herpes and other diseases from using dummies!!!!
18. This way is more "GREEN" because you save on gas, paper, and other materials.
19. More people will be willing to be certified if it is easier and more convenient for them, resulting in more lives being saved.

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