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Our students contact us everyday with comments they have, advices, and also questions. Your feedback is very important to us to improve our course. Thank you! If you want to add your testimonial, please contact us.

Edgar D., Chicago, IL
That was a terrific experience!! I will be sure to send anyone I see asking about CPR to your site. It was very simple, and very easily understandable

Robert H., Morris, IL
Simple and easy to understand. Demonstration videos very helpfull especially being able to watch them several times to confirm the technique.

Bayarmaa D., Sacramento, CA
Hi, I like your online class,very simple and with video, it's awesome! Actually I'm recertified so my first CPR certification was from your company. I found your website from my old CPR card. Thank you so much, for helping me and saving my time !

Ashley T., Converse, TX
I felt it was more in depth than the local classes.

Sheryce J., Saint Paul, MN
It was very helpful and i really enjoyed learning from here!!! It wasnt boring and I think it will be easy for anybody =)

Amee R., Bowie, TX
Thanks for the online course. it is a lifesaver for a busy medical professional looking to renew and work all in the same day!!!!

Tim W., Concord, OH
I felt it covered all the key points of cpr. it was very detailed and i believe it was a good class. the website is really clear as well.

Beatriz B., Chicago, IL
It was so convenient to take CPR classes from home! Great class, I will recommend to all my nanny friends.

Naji Klemm, Tempe, AZ
very quick very easy VERY CHEAP ! all in all ! great help thanks a lot

Salinda H., Hattiesburg, MS
A very detailed course, just like in-class training. It's a lot better than getting up and down on a floor and hurting my knees and being sore the next day.

Stephen C., Houston, TX
I really appreciate how was able to take care of my certification in on one of my night's off'

Mary G., Gilbert, AZ
Great course. Easy to use and understand. VERY CONVENIENT!!! Couldn't have been any better. Thank you so much.

Wilfredo C., YONKERS, NY
By far the easiest pain free way to getting my CPR certificate. I was very pleased with the teaching materials. Overall very satisfied with this company and its educational materials.

Tina P., Benton Harbor, MI
This is the fourth time I have taken CPR. This format was much easier and time effective for me. I really enjoyed the online format and I will be renewing this way in the future. Thank you.

Regina H., Tempe, AZ
This course is better than taking the course in person. The videos are very helpful and taking the course online allows one to move as slowly as necessary to learn and understand the material.

Gabriela M., Harrison, NJ
I think this site is amazing! You can work at your own pace and the course itself is easy and very quick. Stuff that would normally take more than a week to learn, you learn in just a few hours, if that! THANK YOU!!

Eric G., Baldwinsville, NY
Easy to understand lessons, Able to move through at your own pace. I only needed to recertify my certificate, so as a nurse, I did not need to spend alot of time on the material portions. Sure beats spending 6 hoursa in a firehall!!! LOL I will recommend this site to all my co-workers and friends!!! Thanks you!!!!!!!

Kristine F., San Jose, CA
I liked the course. My degree program in education requires that I get CPR certification. A classmate found your classes. Our education department reviewed the site and approved your courses. They are even telling students about your site.

Arnesha B., Streetsboro, OH
This class is very informative and convenient. I really liked the videos, because I understand things better when I see it as opposed to reading it. So I found this very helpful. Not to mention I was just needing to get re certified so being able to take this course in just a couple hours instead of having to find a facility and work around their schedule instead of my own to complete the course was convenient and a time saver.

Hernani M., Sanford, FL
It's really the best way to learn CPR, especially when you need to get certified right away.

Wykelia M., Pensacola, FL
I've never taken an online CPR class before, but I have enjoyed this... The chapter overviews & test were very understanding!**3 Reasons for taking the online CPR class** #1: Simple #2: Easy #3: Rewarding! I also loved the ability to print certificate & wallet CPR card instantly. Thanks alot CPRclass.org, because my career depended on this!

Narges H., Bethesda, MD
As a busy mom, I decided to take CPR online and I can't believe how wonderful this course was and I learned a lot.

Mallory D., Phoenix, AZ
I really enjoyed this course, I have taken CPR courses in the past and this was by far the best. It gives the need to know information and makes it convenient for the person to do on their own time.

Kelly T., Arlington, TX
Information was short and to the point. Makes it seem simple and effective to perform. I liked the videos about the AED, as that has never been performed for me before. Love doing it online from my couch on short notice.

Gloria O., Hollsopple, PA
Your course was very good, especially for busy nurses who dont have time to extend working hours to do it. The information is all the same and using a dummy is no different than reading on internet. CPR is CPR no other way.

Marissa V., San Antonio, TX
The course was wonderful! Between working full time and having 3 small children, I have no time to go to a class at night or on the weekends. I am so happy I came across this website!!

Karen W., Shady Side, MD
Thank you. Your course was very educational and comprehensive, including some things I have not heard about elsewhere. It also had a fun aspect to it. I enjoyed it and feel good after taking your course. Karen

Dosta D., Brooklyn, NY
Truly love these courses! I actually learned more doing it by myself rather than getting distracted by others.

Dustie F., Erie, PA
Initially I was concerned about the effectiveness of an online course and if I would feel confident that I would obtain enough information and be able to understand it clearly. I was very impressed with this course. The information was very clear and concise and easily understood. The videos were a wonderful tool as well to be able to have a visual just as if I were in front of an instructor. I was extremely pleased with this course and will recomend it to all of my friends in the heath care field. I also plan to request that my empl oyer use this site to complete all employee recertifications. I feel that it would make it much more convenient, not to mention cost efficient, to our company. Thank You

Rita G., Leesburg, FL
This course was truly a blessing. I really enjoyed taking it and will definetely recommend it to my friends and other Daycare providers.

Denisha C., El Cajon, CA
Loved this web site! I already had a card just, needed to renew it. It was a breeze because I practice it all the time... loved it!

Ashley T., El Dorado, KS
Wonderful!! Thank you for providing this online, those of us busy nurses love it!



Christi C., Lecanto, FL
Best one I have seen online. To the point and very informative. Great Job!!!

Teri J., Fremont, CA
The course was very informative. Concise and to the point. Very effective.

Teresa C., Bixby, OK
Very informative and helpful. Will recommend to fellow workers and friends.

Heesoon B., Aurora, CO
Explained subjects very well. Enjoyed course from beginning to end. Thanks!

Sherry P., Pell City, AL
After taking many courses in person, this was a quick and easy review for me. It saved me travel time and personal time. Highly recommend this course. Good course to take with a lot of information and videos provided. The option of reviewing the course again before taking the test is wonderful.

Dennis C., San Bernardino, CA
This course was much quicker than expected and only took a short time to take!

Milo M., California City, CA
I liked the way it was done and it was good to go over the information to see that I was up to date. I have worked in construction for over 40 years and do QC and Safety on projects at this time, and need to have first aid and CPR cards up to date. I dislike the Red Cross and their training so this looked like a good place to go, AND I like being able to do it when I need it. My first aid is good for 2 years yet, but the one on bloodborne pathogens is next on my list since I saw how this one worked out. Thank You!

Karen K., Scotch Plains, NJ
Excellent course. I liked having it online where you can go over topics at your own pace.

Lydia R., Sawyer, ND
I really enjoyed this and it saved me alot of time and money I would have had to drive an hour both ways to complete it in a classroom! Thanks, Lydia R.

JoDee E., Foresthill, CA
Great review. Needed this both for my fitness class and the high school I coach at.

Bruce R., Corbett, OR
I liked this course and test. It was easy to understand and designed in a way to facilitate retention of content.

Harvetta P., Markham, IL
This is the first time I have taken CPR Online. I enjoyed it, it was right to the point, and the test was simple to do and understand. Thank you!

Johanna P., Palm Harbor, FL
I enjoy the online training, the information is clear and specific. I am glad that I did the class with you. Thank you, Johanna P.

LaNell P., Peoria, AZ
Great course! It was very helpful with the videos.


Heather G., Moro, OR
Great class and an easy renewal option for me! Thanks!

Nate M., Huntington Beach, CA
Your class was very helpful in the fact that it let me complete it at my own pace yet it still provided the necessary information to help me feel informed on how to be trained in First Aid!

Mark F., Edmunds, WA
Clear and easy to understand...good videos.

Leanne H., Denver, CO
Simple, easy to understand course sections.

Wayne S., Queen Creek, AZ
It's great I can do this on my own and not have to worry about finding some place to do it, and drive all over.

Abigail M., Wixom, MI
I just can't hardly believe I scored a 100% on the test!!! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It's actually quite simple and I remember enough of it that if something were happening to someone I truly believe I could help them. I love the videos they make things so much easier w/a real person.

Steve L., Las Vegas, NV
The course covered all the need to know info and was quick and easy; a great way to save time when you need re-cert.

Nichole C., El Cajon, CA
I took the class for my teaching education requirements. I liked the videos and the information was to the point.

Stephanie D.
I really enjoyed the class and appreciate all of the knowledge I obtained while attending.

Leslie B., Phoenix, AZ
That was a terrific experience!! I will be sure to send anyone I see asking about CPR to your site. It was very simple, and very easily understandable.

Paul P., Kirkland, WA
I’m a teenager that is working for a company that teaches tennis and that is why I needed the certification. The lesson was great, and the videos made it extra helpful.

Lindsay H., Styrkersville, NY
Thank you! I truly enjoyed your course and felt it to be very beneficial. I own a daycare and will strongly recommend this course to my friends & staff.

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